Dr. Ken's Wedding Hypnosis Show is a musically-based, 45 minute adventure into the creative world of the imagination.

Hypnosis is a harmless level of mind, very similar to day-dreaming. Hypnosis leads to relaxation, creativity, and a fun state of mind. 

The hypnosis show uses only volunteers, and is completely family-rated, suitable for kids, parents, and grandparents. 

​The show is filmed and a copy can be provided to the newlyweds.


About the Show

The Bridal Hypnotist

About the Bridal Hypnotist

​Dr. Ken Kern ("Dr. Ken") is a Master Entertainment Hypnotist, with thousands of hours of performance and a 45 minute show that is specialized for the wedding market.

Dr. Ken has been a contestant twice on TV's America's Got Talent, and has entertained thousands of people with his fast-paced, fun-filled hypnosis show.

Bring the fun and excitement of the "Big Stage Show" into your wedding, and fill "The Lull" with lifetime memories!